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Italian Language Classes at Paesano


We offer a variety of Italian language classes at Paesano, taught by Sicilian native, Signore Salvatore Bisaccia, who has been doing so since 1995. Salvatore teaches classes on three levels... Introduction for Beginners; Level 2 for multiple levels; and Conversational for keeping the language alive.

Classes are taught throughout the week to accommodate everyone's interest levels, and their busy schedules. There are generally 6 classes held weekly at the restaurant, with each class lasting 1.5 hours. The classes run for 10 weeks and meet 3 of 4 seasons. For example, fall classes start mid September, and go through mid November. Winter classes run from mid January through mid March. Spring classes start in early April and go through mid June. Each class is $120 per person, per term, and includes all materials.

Salvatore is determined that all of his students will learn Italian, and like all serious courses - he does give homework. Please contact him so he can place you in the most appropriate class level, at the most flexible meeting time. You may reach him by email at

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