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When my wife Bridget and I first envisioned Paesano, terms like “mission statement” weren’t so popular, but we had a dream. So, back in 1984, we followed our “heart’s desire” and opened our restaurant. It was to be an Italian restaurant that served unique heart healthy, Italian foods using locally grown products. The foods and theme would be rustic, homey, Italian grandmother comfort fare that would change with the best offerings of the season.


It would be family friendly and wine friendly. We would get the community involved through Italian language classes, cooking and wine education classes, weekly wine tastings, Italian wine-maker dinners and special events. We even dreamed of annual customer appreciation trips to Italy, exploring authentic foods and wines, region by region.


The many wonderful people we have worked with us over the years have helped us evolve and grow along this journey. Today, we are fortunate to still be living our dream. Each and every part of our mission has become reality and we owe so much to our dedicated staff and loyal customers. Thank you and enjoy your experience!


Michael Roddy

& Bridget Roddy

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