it WINE.  Something new.   Something different.  Something very good!   And, I, Michael Roddy, owner/operator of Paesano Restaurant & Wine Bar in Ann Arbor, Michigan is offering “it” to you. Each month I will offer a new “it WINE” - one of my favorite wines that I truly enjoy and will share with you to purchase as a pick-up item at our restaurant...

while supplies last.  IT is important for us wine lovers to discover these little known but beautiful Italian wines one by one.  I know that you’ll enjoy it Wine selections as much as I do. 



This is Mike Roddy thanking everyone for discovering our first “it WINE” last month.  It was a tremendous success and now I am ready to introduce the next special wine for June.  I like many of you, have fallen in love with actor Stanley Stucci, whose CNN docuseries, ‘Discovery Italy’ has reignited my love of all things Italian, especially since we’ve been unable to visit the “boot country” during the pandemic.  Last year in his visit to Sicily and its south-east region of Vitloria, Stanley met a young female winemaker who introduced him to a local wine unknown to the rest of the world but greatly beloved there.  He then offered a phrase that I’ll never forget...”I’m hardly a wine expert but I do know that I like drinking it”!  I love this line...and finally have seen a show man who does not pretend to be an expert in everything.  We love you Stanley!


The object of this exchange was the most sought-after of the exceptional energetic red wines from Sicily – offbeat and insanely delicious – I present  FRAPPATO to you...our “it WINE” for June.



It’s aged in concrete, allowing the natural freshness and personality of this variety to express itself fully.  It’s a hearty wine, yet one that shows freshness and levity too.  It’s red fruited, smokey and stoney, flushed with a vibrant floral bouquet.  Think Pinot Noir with a badass Sicilian attitude and the structure of something more like Nebbiolo, and you’re heading in the right direction.


The winery COS, founded in 1980, by Giambattista Cilia, Giusto Occhipinti (father of the young woman Stanley had his exploratory wine discussion with), and Cirino Stano – COS (their surname initials) is considered the benchmark producer of the Vittoria appellation in Sicily.  This is 100% Frappato – a change from bigger bodied blended Italian reds – fragrant, so fresh, so lovely, perfumed, floral with bright acidity when freshly opened.  Light is the operative word here.  Light cherry, light strawberry and a little orange zest.  Wonderful...a low alcohol wine.  I think of this as the perfect summery red and I would drink it slightly chilled on a sunny summer’s day.


Take home bottle - $38