it WINE.  Something new.   Something different.  Something very good!   And, I, Michael Roddy, owner/operator of Paesano Restaurant & Wine Bar in Ann Arbor, Michigan is offering “it” to you. Each month I will offer a new “it WINE” - one of my favorite wines that I truly enjoy and will share with you to purchase as a pick-up item at our restaurant...

while supplies last.  IT is important for us wine lovers to discover these little known but beautiful Italian wines one by one.  I know that you’ll enjoy it Wine selections as much as I do. 

For the month of November, my thoughts go along with the usual local Michigan practices as the weather cools down – most notably hunting, heartier foods and families planning get-togethers for festive occasions. Good reasons for great family meals are just ahead...but don’t forget the wine.


My thoughts for this month’s wine pick bring me back to the beginning of the Covid pandemic when we had to close our dining room in March 2020.  Not knowing exactly what to do, we pivoted from a dine-in restaurant to a “carry out” restaurant and expanded our communication to all of you through email and social media.  We featured a daily creative dish from our chefs and paired it with an interesting but unknown Italian wine with what I believed would compliment the dish.  You followed us, you picked up dinner and the wine, enjoyed it and kept coming back for more which enabled us to thrive!  All of us, paesani, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


That March, we featured video interviews doing Facetime with female winemakers–since March is labeled the month of the “woman”!  The first woman winemaker that myself and our former Wine Director, Chaad Thomas interviewed was Roberta Bricolo of Azienda Agricola Gorgo.  Don’t let the Italian term confuse you as it simply states that this is a “working farm” known as the Gorgo winery.  Parents Roberto and Alberta Bricolo started this vineyard in 1973 and it is located in the Veneto region of Italy, 10 miles from the beautiful town of Romeo and Juliet, Verona, and 15 miles from glamorous Lake Garda which is the largest of Italy’s northern lakes that looks into the Dolomite Alps – absolutely glamorous!  Daughter Roberta originally embarked on a career as a lawyer, practicing in Milano for 12 years before finding herself dreaming more of a life as a winemaker and the land she loved...a path she decided she needed to follow. Her passion for wine and everything associated with it ran through her veins and she has returned to the family vineyard and has influenced her personal choices

 in terms of style and ethics in her winemaking.


This month’s wine is the wine of her father... Roberto the hunter...made to compliment the fall hunt’s yield... and is a perfect fit for your family’s Fall dining occasions...GORGO IL RABITTO.


The vintage has just arrived from Italy to our restaurant in time for our November choice to present to you...and I’m crazy for it!  It’s a unique blend of four grape varieties that aren’t usually paired together in this part of Italy...Merlot, Corvina, Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon.  The wine is then enriched by a long aging period of 12 months in wood.  Its discerning taste gives a rise to a harmonious red that locally is referred to as Veronese Rosso.  I find that this is a wine of ripe fruit and berries, vanilla and spices, with well rounded flavor.  It has good structure with a slightly tannin aftertaste that makes it perfect for your Fall table.  Enjoy!  CARRY OUT BOTTLE $26