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General Manager; Owner:

Andrew has come a long way from working the midnight-to-morning shift to make ends meet in college, but that inner grind has served him across multiple states and career paths. After multiple years leading large and diverse teams in the corporate retail world, he’s brought his exceptional culture-building and operational management skills to a more personal, family-endeavor at Paesano.


Mr. Spicer began his stint at Paesano by shadowing owner-emeritus Mike Roddy for three months, slowly learning each facet of its daily operations and intricately moving parts. He worked each role in the restaurant, notebook in hand, and sat down with Mike to soak in his wisdom on more than a few occasions. And, by the end of his apprenticeship, Mr. Roddy left with full faith that his staff were indeed in good, capable hands. 

He maintains the old Paesano adage that customers are “Good Friends,” and that all who enter the restaurant, especially those who work to realize its vision, are more than that: they’re family. It’s only through this lens of active, reassuring guidance that Andrew knows how to lead his team; and it’s his hope that they reflect the hospitality he extends to each guest that dines with us. Your experience at Paesano is as much his responsibility as anybody’s, and very few care that it goes exceptionally more than Andrew.

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