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Born in Detroit in 1983 and moved with his family to Chelsea in the 90’s where he grew up and went to school.  Living in his family home on a lake, Gregory is an avid outdoorsman enjoying hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, etc. Gregory attended Washtenaw Community College where he enjoyed baking and creating pastries in culinary school. He always enjoyed cooking with his mother as the love for food is in his genes. His great-grandfather was a cook and owned a bar in Detroit after coming to America from Greece.


DAN SUTTER/ Kitchen Manager & Soup Chef

Dan Sutter is an institution.  Beginning with the Roddy family at the Red Bull in 1977, he transitioned with them to the Paesano restaurant in 1984, and literally helped build the restaurant from the ground up.  Starting his culinary career at the age of 14, he began his journey working for Dino’s Pizza for $1.25 an hour, and has since taken part in every single aspect of the Paesano’s organization.  Dan’s Famous Soups became a source of his own notoriety beginning in 1990, and he’s been making the same recipes for the past 30 years for the people of Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County.  After 36 years at Paesano, and seeing every single member of the staff come and go, but being in the Roddy family for the better part of half a century, you have to wonder what would persuade someone to stay in the same environment for that length of time.  Dan says his main reasons for staying are, “The owners (Mike and Bridget) are great people, and (he) really likes the feeling of a big family environment.” 

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